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Dr. Mike North was one of four hosts of the Discovery Channel Show Prototype This!, where genius engineers/builders invented radical and amazing machines. He is currently the expert engineer on Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Science. He has also appeared several times in Wired been on CBS, ABC, CNET and Nanotechnology. Below are some of the links.

Prototype This!

A nice little piece on Dr. North

PLM TV Magazine

Here’s some press on his nonprofit ReAllocate

San Francisco Chronicle Article

Wired Magazine

He lives in a very interesting place in San Francisco, The Embassy

New York Times Article

San Francisco Chronicle Article

NPR Story

Dr. North’s Battery Electric Hotrod Project

Wired Autopia Article

CNN iReport

Detroit News

Bright Side

Car Domain 1

Car Domain 2

Gecko Climbing Inventions

10 O’Clock Bay Area News: Demonstrating the gecko wall climbing project. Oct. 2008

ABC 10 O’Clock News

CBS 10 O’Clock News

Prototype This! Related






Voted Top Sexy Geek

The Nano-Scientist

Nanotechnology: June 2005

Nanotechnology, 60 seconds with authors

Santa Barbara News Press, Front Page: Sticky Situation: Inspired by a Gecko UCSB Scientists Get a Grip on Adhesive Research, May 18th, 2006.

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